The Impossible Thing : ‘Onederland’

Lost: Seven & a half stone (105 lb)

Amount still to lose: 25 lb (Apparently. That can’t be right.)

Percentage of original weight lost: 34.5%

BMI : 28.5


Still making progress with the calorie (yawn!) counting. Managed to resist telling about the previous couple of pounds, lost last week. I love that my friends & followers will like, comment on, congratulate me for every pound lost but #TheImpossibleThing goes on and on and must be a tad boring. I would not be surprised if you all got Impossible Thing Fatigue. So I thought I’d at least wait for another landmark & excuse to blog.

This is not just significant for the ‘and a half’. It puts me under two hundred pounds which in the US is called ‘onederland’ but we call plain old 14 stone 3. Of course this is massive for some but in the realms of the longed for ‘normal’ if you were once 21 stone 10 & are big ‘n’ tall? Er … maybe!

I guess my next landmark is to be ‘in the thirteens’. And I’m still hoping for eight stone off by the middle of June. Damn you, calorie counting!! You’re going to have to stay for now. What it has helped me do this past month is to stay ‘on it’ even at weekends, something I’ve not always been able to do. And I think I’ve finally learnt not to celebrate weight loss success with extra food. Well, not TOO much extra food.

This weekend, however, there will probably be extra calories. I’ll be in Coventry staying with my parents. They have a cupboard full of KitKats and ice creams in the freezer. I’m taking chocolates for my Dad that he will want to share. There will be a meal out for my Dad’s birthday and I plan to bake a half chocolate / half coffee cake (due to different family members liking different cakes) with walnuts, chocolate buttons and real-butter buttercream. And being back in that house reminds me of eating. Not just eating fairly normally with them but secret eating too.

And when I get back here Monday lunchtime, I’m definitely back on Brenda, cycling along the prom to the VVV Health Club for an afternoon of gym ‘n’ swim. Back on it. Eight stone off here I come.


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